I am a high school student and I grew up in Greece during the financial crisis. Greece of unemployment, poverty, disappointment.

But at this point, we don’t need any more findings about who or what was to blame. We need solutions. Fresh, innovative ideas. We, the new generation, have to go a step ahead. This is the time to take our own responsibility, the responsibility of shaping a better country.

They describe us as the generation of social media and selfies, they say that we are indifferent. And yes, some of us may be so. As there may also be indifferent teachers, indifferent parents, and indifferent politicians. But not all of us are like that! We have our own concerns and fears for the future but mostly, we have our own opinion! And this opinion is that I ask you to submit in this forum.

This is what teens4greece.com is all about and with these thoughts I created it. It is our voice. And this voice has to become strong. And it will be strong with the participation of a lot of people. With your involvement. We have to try. It’s about us. It’s about our future!

I hope you will embrace the idea.

Feel free to share.

Konstantinos Papachristou